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May 03 , 2017
Posted by Donna Kenney

Show Me The Data!

Under collection is a serious problem for eDiscovery in our digitized world. How do you ensure you have collected all the responsive information needed to prove or disprove your case? This issue is one of the many obstacles affecting eDiscovery. Reigning in information from employees using multiple devices can be time-consuming and burdensome. Fortunately, eDiscovery experts combine defensible data management strategies with advanced discovery tools to address the under-collection problem.
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December 02 , 2016
Posted by Donna Kenney

Mistakes Happen In Data. Is Your Quality Assurance Working?

The legal discovery process is established and predictable.  What affects discovery, is the ever-increasing amounts of data involved in litigation.  Terabytes of data are turning into petabytes of data.  Having the added assurance that your data was collected, processed, reviewed and produced correctly can mean the difference in winning and settling your cases.

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October 27 , 2016
Posted by Bill R. Gilbert

Expand Your eDiscovery Customers With An IT Hosted Services Partner

Have You Thought About A Viewpoint Vendor To Host Your eDiscovery Data?

Deciding whether or not to use a hosting site is a lofty process. Lucky for you, there are plenty of factors to seriously swing you towards the right partner to host your data service.

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June 08 , 2016
Posted by Donna Kenney

Knock Down Your Big Data Haystack

And Find Your Golden Needle With Predictive Analytics

I consider myself a Data Whisperer.  Why? Because after working with big data for over two decades, I am able to discover meaningful patterns and relationships - the “golden needles” that bring forth a tale to tell.

So, how can you, too, pull the important “needles” out of your structured or unstructured data haystack?  How can you sift through information efficiently and accurately while staying on budget and saving time?

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April 11 , 2014
Posted by Gene Cisneros

eDiscovery: Fortifying The Paper-Digital Process


By Gene Cisneros
One of the biggest challenges that firms and their clients often face in today’s eDiscovery setting is their ability to build a predictable budget for the collection, assimilation, processing, first pass review, and production of Paper and Electronically Stored Information (ESI).

Predicting these costs, unfortunately, is painted in varied layers of the all too familiar clichés — “that all depends” or “well, yes and no” or “garbage in – garbage out.” To say those phrases are overplayed would be an understatement.

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