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October 19 , 2017
Posted by Bill R. Gilbert

Data Security And The Every Day Challenge

Staying The Course
Data security for a company is a marathon race. Too many companies, large companies included, look at data security as a sprint. You run hard for a short distance and then rest before the next race. A marathon requires training, endurance, and diligence. But companies see marathon endeavors as cuts into corporate profits. Here are a few endurance tips to consider when handling Non-Public Personal Information (NPI):
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October 27 , 2016
Posted by Bill R. Gilbert

Expand Your eDiscovery Customers With An IT Hosted Services Partner

Have You Thought About A Viewpoint Vendor To Host Your eDiscovery Data?

Deciding whether or not to use a hosting site is a lofty process. Lucky for you, there are plenty of factors to seriously swing you towards the right partner to host your data service.

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