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June 08 , 2016
Posted by Donna Kenney

Knock Down Your Big Data Haystack

And Find Your Golden Needle With Predictive Analytics

I consider myself a Data Whisperer.  Why? Because after working with big data for over two decades, I am able to discover meaningful patterns and relationships - the “golden needles” that bring forth a tale to tell.

So, how can you, too, pull the important “needles” out of your structured or unstructured data haystack?  How can you sift through information efficiently and accurately while staying on budget and saving time?

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December 11 , 2015
Posted by Charles Cowan

Step Back and Take the Broader View!  The Multiplier Effect in Damages.

This is a story for the rest of us - the people who have not purchased a product that is recalled, but suffer a loss anyway.  There have been numerous articles written about losses due to various cheating\hiding scandals - General Motors and their faulty ignition switches, Toyota's unintended acceleration, fire hazards in riding mowers and snowmobiles, ... ,  it is product "F".  These are losses to the purchasers of the faulty product, or losses to retailers or wholesalers who sell the faulty product, and losses to those unlucky enough to invest in the manufacturer's stock. Bad drug? There are losses to patients, doctors who treat them, hospitals who employ the doctor, and the investors in the pharmaceutical company.

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April 11 , 2014
Posted by Gene Cisneros

eDiscovery: Fortifying The Paper-Digital Process


By Gene Cisneros
One of the biggest challenges that firms and their clients often face in today’s eDiscovery setting is their ability to build a predictable budget for the collection, assimilation, processing, first pass review, and production of Paper and Electronically Stored Information (ESI).

Predicting these costs, unfortunately, is painted in varied layers of the all too familiar clichés — “that all depends” or “well, yes and no” or “garbage in – garbage out.” To say those phrases are overplayed would be an understatement.

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