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November 02 , 2017
Posted by Sonali Saxena

Data Mining To Detect And Prevent Fraud

In today’s times, many organizations find themselves vulnerable to fraud. The complexity  of fraud detection in any channel - online, mobile, direct mail and third-party to name a few - is growing faster than decades before. The US Department of Justice indicated a total of $1.51 billion in corporate U.S. criminal fines, out of which $512 million was paid to the U.S. and state authorities in 2016 [1] in healthcare fraud alone. Powerful analytics, as well as data mining solutions, help detect fraud accurately, thus creating prevention opportunities.
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October 19 , 2017
Posted by Bill R. Gilbert

Data Security And The Every Day Challenge

Staying The Course
Data security for a company is a marathon race. Too many companies, large companies included, look at data security as a sprint. You run hard for a short distance and then rest before the next race. A marathon requires training, endurance, and diligence. But companies see marathon endeavors as cuts into corporate profits. Here are a few endurance tips to consider when handling Non-Public Personal Information (NPI):
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October 13 , 2017
Posted by Charles Cowan

Changing Markets and the Economy of the Future


The U.S. Landscape Will Change Dramatically, Again
The U.S. landscape is about to change dramatically again. Consumers and companies that rely heavily on transportation or to transport goods will benefit greatly. But the malaise we see in employment for lower-skilled, non-technical workers is about to worsen. People with low skills and low education will find that their cars are more affordable – but they won’t be driving to a job.
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July 27 , 2017
Posted by Donna Kenney

What Can You Learn About Data Privilege And eDiscovery?

What can Harleysville Insurance Company v. Holding Funeral Home, Inc. teach you about privilege and eDiscovery?

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June 20 , 2017
Posted by Jeri George

9 Tips To Launch Internal People Analytics

HR professionals and companies are getting serious about People Analytics. The use of analytics doesn’t have to be scary! Use these 9 tips to begin the process of implementing a data-driven approach to managing people in the workplace. 

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May 10 , 2017
Posted by Jeri George

8 Tips To Tackle Conflict Resolution

The ability to recognize, understand and manage our own emotions, and to understand and influence others emotions is the quintessential definition of emotional intelligence. An even more critical concept is how we use and manage the emotional information to guide thinking and behavior in order to achieve our goals. For Human Resource professionals, managing employee’s emotions can be a never-ending saga of conflict and frustration, especially in our currently super-hyped, politically charged social environments.

Each of the 8 tips are components of emotional intelligence that can help you when tackling conflict resolution.

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May 03 , 2017
Posted by Donna Kenney

Show Me The Data!

Under collection is a serious problem for eDiscovery in our digitized world. How do you ensure you have collected all the responsive information needed to prove or disprove your case? This issue is one of the many obstacles affecting eDiscovery. Reigning in information from employees using multiple devices can be time-consuming and burdensome. Fortunately, eDiscovery experts combine defensible data management strategies with advanced discovery tools to address the under-collection problem.
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April 07 , 2017
Posted by Steve Fiero

Back To The Future – The Benefits Of Manual Underwriting And Why It’s Needed In Non-Qualified Mortgage Loans

In today’s Qualified Mortgage market, so much is made of automated underwriting systems that I fear the industry is somewhat paralyzed.  Underwriters have regressed to being merely condition-clearing clerks rather than thoughtful, rational, common-sense decision makers.   While there is clearly a place for automated underwriting in the QM market, I believe that, more broadly, our industry must create a similar space for well-reasoned and carefully thought out portfolio underwriting. 
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March 31 , 2017
Posted by Charles Cowan

Corporate Self-Examinations: Risks That Live Within


Why You Should Conduct Corporate Self-Examinations

Corporate risks live within your organization. Acting on a risk impacts an ecosystem within a company that eventually shows up in the marketplace. Further, risks create profits, shareholder value, and for some time limited or prolonged losses. In recent decades, there have been unprecedented, corporate meltdowns that affected internal performance and external value on a company's perceived brand. For most, the risk was not fully understood or managed properly.  It's like a cell.

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March 30 , 2017
Posted by Jeri George

The HR Professional as a Mediator

Most HR professionals recognize that maintaining healthy employee relationships is vital to the advancement of any organization. Typically, HR professionals concern themselves with assisting employees in building relationships through training, team building activities, employee/family activities, etc. This tends to be the easy (and fun) part of HR. The not so fun part comes when a relationship does not develop or fails to overcome obstacles.

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